Alberta Marriage Laws

To Apply For a Valid Marriage Licence In Alberta:

An Alberta marriage licence must be obtained from any Alberta registry office before a marriage can be performed in Alberta. A marriage licence shows a marriage officiant that all the laws in Alberta have been met and that the couple may get married.

To apply for a marriage licence:

  • A couple must apply together for their marriage licence. Some exceptions may apply, but you must check with a registry agent for details.
  • A marriage licence is valid for three months (90 days) from the date the marriage licence is issued.
  • It is only valid for an Alberta marriage; the wedding must take place in Alberta.
  • There is no time period that must pass between the date a couple arrives in Alberta and the date a marriage licence is issued. (It can be done on the same day, but I recommend you do it earlier if possible.

In regards to age, required forms of identification, additional documents and information that are required, please refer to the Government of Alberta Vital Statistics website for specific details.

For a marriage to be legally recognized, couples should be aware of the following: 

  • Prior to the marriage ceremony, couples must provide a valid marriage licence to the appointed marriage commissioner. The licence will not be returned to the couple.
  • Couples will receive a Marriage Statement certificate upon completion of the ceremony. Please note that this is not a legal document. Your officiant will be responsible for submitting the signed Marriage Licence to the Alberta Vital Statistics Registry.
  • After a waiting period of three weeks, couple are able to apply to the Alberta Vital Statitics Registry to acquire an official Certificate of Marriage.