Ceremony Options

Unique ways to enhance your wedding ceremony

The actual words we are required to say to perform a wedding ceremony are relatively short. Here are some possible ways that we can personalize the ceremony for the two of you.


Wine Box Ceremony

Wine Box Ceremony, Wedding Angel, Banff Wedding Officiant, Banff Marriage Commissioner, Wedding Ceremony Option Ideas, Alberta Marriage Commssioner, Banff Wedding CeremonyIn the days before the wedding, each of you write a letter to one another. You share the feelings you have for one another, your excitement about the ceremony and commitment you are making to one another, and your hopes and dreams for the future. During the ceremony, you place your letters to one another in a wooden box along with a favorite bottle of wine. On your first anniversary, you open the box, share the bottle of wine, and read the letters you wrote to one another. Then you replace the wine and add new letters for the next year. Imagine yourselves in 20 years, sharing a favorite bottle of wine and readings all the letters you wrote to each other over the years.


Hand Binding

Family members or members of your wedding party are invited to be part of the wedding ceremony to use a cord or family tartan to wrap their hands to symbolize their binding union of love, faith, friendship and trust.


Memorial Candle

Weddings can be hard, especially if you’ve lost someone special like a parent or a sibling. Departed relatives can be honoured prior to the start of the wedding ceremony. I can perform a reading in memory of the deceased family member during the lighting of the memorial candle.


Unity Candle

Acknowledges the light of love that burns at the heart of every family. Using taper candles to light the “unity” candle, recognizes the joining together of lives, families, and loved ones through the marriage commitment.


Sand Ceremony

The blending of colored sand crystals from clear glass vases into one main glass container offers couples a special opportunity to use these natural elements of nature in their wedding ceremony. While most couples use just two colors of sand, additional colors can be added for families that are coming together.


Rose Presentation

The couple exchange their first gift as a married couple. While couples may select any meaningful items, the rose is a traditional symbol of lasting love. The rose acts as a reminder that love needs mutual nurturing to reach its true beauty.